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Uberman Day 6
1 min read

Uberman Day 6

While it hurts to think going to sleep at midnight and getting up at 0530 is “oversleeping,” I overslept.  This time, though, I learned a valuable lesson about my egg timer: although it does beep for a little while, it eventually turns off.   Seems I slept through it this morning.

So much for cranking up full uberman.   AND to top it off, only one 2-minute nap during the day.  This is clearly not the way it’s supposed to work.

0000-0530 Nap
0530-0800 (SSS 2.5) Feeling slow again.  Need to speed up morning process (return of David Nunez’s Patented 3-minute shower  and 10 minute get-ready routine! (20 minutes if we include shaving)… funny project idea: do a “How-to” pdf on getting ready in the morning.
0800-1200 (SSS-1) Running around…
1400 Nap: stretched out in office… my boss came by as I was laying on the floor and peeked in.  i gave him a thumbs-up and said, “Just sleeping on the job, is all.”  He said, “Good… get it in while you can.  I was just worried you had fallen.” Dozed for a couple of minutes, but laid there for 10.
1700 (SSS-1)  Didn’t have anything to eat since McDonald’s last night.  was starved at the party and gorged on chinese food.
2330 (SSS-3.5) Finally feeling tired and hit the sack.