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David Nunez

Dir of Technology at the MIT Museum • Writing about emerging tech's impact on your life • Speculative insights on the intersection of humanity and technology 🤖

Austin, TX: Progress & Nostalgia

I'm in Austin over the 4th of July weekend to visit family. Every time I come back to Texas I have incredibly mixed feelings about how this town is metastasizing away from Richard Florida's utopian vision of a "Creative Class rising." He predicted Austin was going to be a melting

100 Days and a Restart

Today we launched a new MIT Museum website [], and started our 100 day countdown to the opening of the Museum in its new building at Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA (October 2! If you're in Boston around that time, hit me up and I'll make sure

The First Floor Commons space at the MIT Museum

That New Computer Smell

Computational nostalgia haunts me. I have become the vintage computer, to be sold off at a garage sale.

Anything but NFTs

Hello friend, Thank you for all the outpouring of kind words for my newsletter last week []. It was a huge catharsis to write it, and I was so touched that it seemed helpful to many of my readers. I'm still working through responding to the

The Grief Multiplier and Gratitude

Thank you for the overwhelming feedback on this essay. I had a couple of good cries while writing it and I'm crying as I read all of your kind words in return. I'm doing my best to write back to every one of your letters. It is truly a gift

"Happy" New Year? If you say so.

Hello friend, Uhhhmmm… Happy New Year? This week, we watched unprecedented events unfold at the United States Capitol, and as I am writing this, we don’t know how many more twists remain in this Shakespearean drama. I regret my jokes at the end of last year about how “it

Rapid Output 1

This is an experimental blog post to test what it would be like to free write on my iPhone Someone told me that composing writing on an iPhone is somehow faster than writing using a normal keyboard. Apparently there is something about the thumb typing that is both physically faster

Rapid Output 1


There's something about December that sends me into a frenzy of trying to wrap up projects as if I'm trying to make up for not being as productive as I could have been all year. Resolutions are unmet. Projects are incomplete. Life is still in disarray. Obviously, it's all in


The Show Must Go On(line)

I have a confession. Somewhere in middle of Act II of Hamilton, I think between "The Adams Administration" and "We Know," I fell fast asleep. This was the original cast on Broadway, mind you, and I was sitting in some of the best seats in the house. I was so

Choose Your Own Adventure

Hello friend, Due to my choices, I died many, many times when I was a child. Luckily, I kept my fingers inside the pages and could always undo my mistakes. My brothers and I grew up with a shared library of Choose Your Own Adventure [