Ok, today we’re turning up the crank…  I suddenly have some projects which have deadlines coming up very quickly that I’ll need the extra crunch time to complete, so I might be going full Uberman through the weekend.  (however, I’ll reserve the right to get a full night’s sleep on Monday night if I’m feeling like eating brains (zombie reference) because I’m doing a speaking engagement Tuesday afternoon).

1200 – (SSS-2) They key to getting me out of that groggy state was getting up and physically moving around.  It probably took about half an hour to overcome sleep inertia.  I’m thinking because I was in my pajamas, I was laying in bed, and the lights were off, my body felt it was done for the day.  (and eating nothing for  dinner probably didn’t help)
0030 – (SSS-3) I watched some tv before going to bed.
0100 – Nap:  Slept pretty soundly, but again, I had too much trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
0500 – Alarm rang, but I pushed back another hour.
0600 – (SSS-3) Definitely sluggish and dragging this morning.  Wasted time browsing silly links and taking too-long-of-a-shower.
0830 – (SSS-2) Finally got rolling to work.  I avoided using coffee as a crutch this morning because I know that the worst is yet to come… I need to fight through the little bouts of tiredness.
1100 – (SSS-1.5) Feeling good.  I’m procrastinating on some things, but otherwise I’m cranking through my lists.  I’ll look forward to the 1200 nap, though.
1200 – Nap: (SSS-2) Drove to mall parking lot, reclined the seat, and tried to get some rest.  I think I may have dozed off for a few seconds, but all-in-all I didn’t sleep much.  There wasn’t much noise (besides, I actually like a little noise (like the tv or cars) as I’m trying to get to sleep… you know, helps drown out the screaming, angry voices in my head.*  The sky was cloudy, so not much light (although, I think I’ll invest in a sleeping mask… if nothing else, to use as a prop to get myself in the mood to sleep)  Ended up resting for 40 minutes.  Came back and got ripped off by the coffee machine ($1.00 for the “Large” size dixie cup which only filled 3/4 of the way (but it was Starbucks beans and it actually doesn’t taste too bad)… I think I have a spare coffee maker at home. I’ll drag it in. (SSS-1.5)
1700 – (SSS-1.5) Still haven’t felt hungry enough to eat or sleepy enough to sleep.  Driving around in rush hour, went to the grocery store, and WHOOPS got some fries and a coke from McDonald’s… Then made Lori’s Brownie Recipe (mine came out too dry or floury or something… need loads of milk to enjoy them… otherwise super chocolatey)
2100 – 1 cup of coffee with 1 brownie
2300 – (SSS – 2) Still feeling ok..

Instead of going full Uberman today, afterall (starting with a 24 minute, small nap at 0000), I think I’ll try to stick to a 4 hour core sleep and focus on completing some productive work out of the way tomorrow morning.   I skipped  too many naps today to be prepared not to sleep much tonight.

Updated: 2310
* tee-hee