Good sleep last night:

0000 – Nap: 4 hours (alarm rang at 400, but I got up, turned it off, and lay in bed, awake and thinking for the next hour) upon awaking I probably was at SSS-2
0500-0830 – read a bit and did some research on GPL… stayed away from the coffee this morning… no real need.
1100 – Food: Schlotzky’s Pizza and 2 cokes (One thing I’m learning is how awful I eat when I’m not thinking about it) Met with OS folks for panel next week @ shlotsky’s (SSS-2).
1555 – SSS-3.5 ready for that nap- brought sleeping bag into my office.  Isn’t that sad?  Isn’t also sad that every single person I ran into on the way upstairs had to make a comment or joke about it, “Gee, sport, are you moving in?”
1600 – Nap: 30 minutes.  Felt GREAT afterwards… best power nap, yet.
2100 – Nap: 60 minutes.  Ugh.  Feel disoriented and tired… When I first woke up it felt like it was time to get up for the day.  Took a while to figure out that I had just been napping.

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