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Uberman Day 16
1 min read

Uberman Day 16

0000 – 0700 Nap: Slept well, heard alarms at 0400 and slammed them off
1230 – Food: Ham and Cheese sandwich, coke
1330 – Nap: Good nap in the car, nonetheless … slept for 30 minutes.  Woke up in a sleep/dream state, but after walking around a bit, felt refreshed.
1730 – Food: Banana/Strawberry Smoothie
1900 – Food: McDonald’s Combo #3, Plain & Dry, Supersized w/Coke

Definitely needed to squeeze in another nap.

When I do manage to get a nap in, it’s helping me feel really refreshed during the day.  However, it feels like I’m “going through the motions” for following the schedule.  I think I’m not sufficiently motivated to be doing this.

A woman posted a message on the Uberman support group (yes, such a thing exists, and yes, I probably need several support groups for things OTHER than Uberman sleeping schedule or rather I need a support group/intervention for wanting to abolish sleep) …

It was a motivational / get-the-ball-rolling list of things she did to get more committed on the schedule.

I’ll need to print it out and reread it daily, it seems.

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