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Uberman Day 10
1 min read

Uberman Day 10

0000-0400 Nap!  Slept well.
0400-0500 (SSS – 3) Groggy… spent time browsing web
0500-1000 (SSS 1) Working on presentation
1200 Food: Chicken, Shrimp, Beef Kabob, coffee, tea, rice pilaf, chocolate chip cake (DROOL!)
1620 Nap: Slept for 20 minutes, in my dress shirt, sprawled out on office floor with Carol sitting next door… I guess I’ve gotten over the embarassment factor!
1930 Food: (SSS 2) Tomato Basil Soup, 4 slices bread, Glass of wine
2300 (SSS 4) I didn’t have adequate naps today and am feeling tired

updated 12.12.02 1648