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Uberman Day 1
1 min read

Uberman Day 1

I’m resetting my uberman count back to day one because I lapsed for a while and now I have some holiday time to try to dive into it headfirst.

Welcome to Uberman.

2000-0600 Nap: Got a nice, long nap in.  I was very tired after driving and the weekend.
0800 Food: 1 cup coffee
1200-1230 Nap: laid down for a few minutes but wasn’t tired at all.  Turned on the tv and spaced out
1230 Food: 2 of mom’s tacos and rice and a coke
1400 Food: large popcorn & large coke (at movies… LOTR!)
2000 Food: Salmon  and rice and a coke
2200 SSS-3
2200-2030 Nap:  slept for 20 minutes on home office floor.

I need to cut down on those Cokes!!!