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WHOOPS! There went the summer.

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

Wow. August came quickly, didn’t it?

Some interesting news came in at work late this afternoon. It boils down to my taking the lead on figuring out how to chase down an opportunity for over a third of a $million… with a deadline of August 15. More to follow as I wrap my head around what’s confidential and what’s not.

School starts the week after the paper proposal is due, and that means it’s time to get back to doing good work for the teachers and the kids…

On top of that, I’ve been evangelizing the benefits of a remarkable website to the folks at work. Since I’ve gone out of my way to be a fanatic about web technology, guess what else I’ll be knee deep in for August? Rest assured our new site will incorporate blogs in many ways (thanks in large part to one coworker who definitely Gets It).

Bye-bye summer… we hardly knew yee.

(Listening to Pigeonhed… holy cow, I forgot how catchy this was… Recommendation: is a great service if you have wildly diverse taste in music)

Updated: 08.02.03 0749: “Pigeonhead” to “Pigeonhed”


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