Funny thing about serendipity… once it happens, you have to urgently scramble to figure out how to take advantage of it or else it passes.

Tonight’s EFF-OS-Posse meeting was interesting, as usual.  It was at Scholtz’s (which, not surprisingly is a bit like Hanz’s in houston except it’s more of an instituation (i.e. it’s been around for a long time, the food is really good (schnitzel’s and delicious fries)), and there isn’t any boccee (sp?) ball.

I learned a little bit more about UT’s ACTLab, Convergent vs Emergent Media programs and the personalities and politics behind them…

I’m more confused than ever.

I should treat Matt and Jon to a lunch to grill them about all they know.

I’ll be visiting the “Transparancies” conference this Fri-Sat to try to shake hands and ask questions… this is a slow-roasting project, in any case.