This was a good year for the Christmas bounty.  Not that presents are what it’s all about, but c’mon!  It is a nice bonus!

Some highlights:Mom gave her now traditional pajama bottoms to my brothers and me… this time they are ohhhh so soft, warm, and comfy.

I got a sleep/dream machine (one of these alarm clocks that plays sounds of the forest of bubbling brooks).  I used it for my naps yesterday, and I’m really digging it!

Bamboo in a frog vase.   Goes in the bathroom.  Brings me good luck.

The house kitchen (my favorite room!) now has a wooden, hand-carved San Pasquale* sitting atop the refigerator with two spoons in hand, watching dutifully over the aspiring chefs in the house.  May our dishes be delicious and nutritious and may our burns and cuts be small.

Dad nailed it: Dremel Rotory Multi-use tool (Var.-Speed MultiPro® Kit w/Flex-Shaft)!! Muahaha. This was on my wishlist for the longest time... case mods, robot joints, and carved pumpkins here we come!

* San Pasquale Baylon (1540-1592), Franciscan monk, former shepherd who brought with him from Spain to Turin a 'miraculous' recipe that restored vigor to languid husbands. He was popular among shepherds considered "Saint Protector of Cooks".