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Weeknotes #2231 - 27.5 Terrabytes!

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

Here's what happened this week:

  • I had several Kendall museum meetings about digital experiences, including a deep dive into the infrastructure requirements for delivering these projects. I also sketched out a new esolang based on one of the designs the developers presented. We have some nascent ideas about the building or, at least, a primary feature of the building could somehow embed computation. I'm holding on to this as the epitome of digital+physical museums in an authentic way vs. superficial approaches.
  • I met with a colleague to talk about the feasibility of monetizing online content. (tldr; focus on building the audience first or else, like this blog, the hordes will never find or care about the content).
  • We had a couple of deep dives on non-traditional displays and the feasibility of building massive media walls with bubbles and soft robotics.
  • Kicked off a design phase with Micah Walter Studio to rethink how we're telling stories about our collections online. Some promising areas of exploration (no pun intended) ahead.
  • I was deep in code and AWS configuration this week. I built a reporting tool that gives us some more insight into the pipeline of 210 thousand files (27.5TB) of media assets we're managing. For example, here is a list of file extensions. I'm not even sure what some of these are!
  • I also learned that you could mount EBS drives for lambda functions to share. Game Changer for handling large image conversion. #nerd
  • I'm excited to do a big batch of writing this weekend. I've spent the past few weeks collecting notes and references; I'm trying the bottom-up networked thinking approach to essay writing, and I have enough of a critical mass of research ready to start banging out "content."

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