July 19th, 2002 • 1 min read #Journal

I am proud to announce that in response to my challenge, my good friend Sean Joyce has put up a web log 2 weeks sooner than he originally had planned!


I have to admit, I wouldn't have pegged him as the first of my friends to put up a web log (since he's not an engineer).

At the same time, I think this exemplifies perfectly the revolutionary innovation: web logs are suited for someone like Sean, who is easily technically literate but also has a broader, non-techie perspective.

His web log is not going to be Yet Another Engineer's Blog (YAEB!), or infinitely worse, Yet Another Web Designer's Blog (YAWDB) that are so common.

Instead, I could see Sean's story as something that people would want to read about... After spending some time at graduate school, he is now going back to his hometown to teach at the private Jesuit High School he went to and will actually be living among the Jesuit monks.

Good luck, Sean! I'm going to enjoy coming along for the ride.

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