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Unexplained Weightloss

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

New Year’s is rapidly approaching, but there is no time like the present to put down some resolutions (that I’m painfully noting as necessary as I track my energy levels and food and exercise “habits” while beating a dead horse trying to install the Uberman schedule)Let’s keep it simple:

  1. Eat better.
  2. Exercise more.

Of course, there will be dozens of articles in every magazine in the next couple of weeks telling me I need to revise my Resolutions to be “SMART”


Oddly enough, for some reason, in the past couple of months I’ve dropped quite a bit of weight (about 15 pounds). I haven’t really done anything differently that I would consider significant (like starting to train for a mararthon).

I don’t think I look any trimmer… in fact, I think I look downright unhealthy. However, the scale is telling me I’m dropping both in weight and body fat.

I’m still not at my High School Prime Condition (I think those days are probably gone for good), and I certainly don’t think I’ll be doing any adventure races anytime soon.

I don’t feel particularly unhealthy, but I also don’t feel like a million bucks, either. I’m not eating as frequently or as much as I was, say, a year ago (let’s call it, the “Non-Profit Diet”)… It could be stress, increased caffeine consumption, or maybe some scary illness. I probably ought to go for a thourough physical during the holidays.

Medical Professional: So, David, have you had any significant changes in your life, recently?”
David: Not really, doc, except that I’ve been systematically trying to reduce the my sleeping time to about 3 hours per day.
Medical Professional: Get out of my office.

One positive outcome for just jotting down what I’m doing is that I’ve become more conscious of those downtimes when I’m not doing anything. For example, I’m turning off TV when I find myself just flipping or just multitasking a bit more (get the coffee brewing while showering). I also am discovering things about my physical self for the first time (I’m beginning to predict and adjust for specific times during the day when I know I will be crashing). I feel a little more in tune with how my food-fuel affects my engine and on-board computer (although, for some reason that isn’t stopping me from the frequent junk food).

Hmmm… Christmas cheer (with the delicious feasts and cookies and fudge) isn’t going to help matters.


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