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Uberman Day 2

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

Busy, tiring day today… first test of stress followed by nap recovery – I have a classroom speaking engagement for 4 classes of 30 spread throughout the day.

  • 2345-0000 Crawled into bed and watched a little tv
  • 0030 – fell asleep and had a dream of narrowly missing being in a plane crash. My family and I were flying somewhere and we had large windows that let me see perfectly how the plane was pitched. At one point, we all felt like the plane was flying straight down into the ground… I remembered to say a prayer, but luckily, the pilot was able to land smoothly.
  • 0600 – Alarm, but egg timer showed 5 minutes. Laid in bed until 0610 and wrote notes (SSS-3)
  • 0700 – 3 cups of coffee and a spoon of sugar
  • 0715 – Drove to work. It took me way too long to get ready for the day. It was very cold in the house (need to fix that furnace) and I was dragging around. By the time I left for work I was easily at (SSS-1.5).
  • 0900- (SSS 1) – Adrenilin, I think, helped me keep the energy up for the first class. The true test will be the next one at 1057 and then the next 2 going from 1323-1519… I think I’ll probably REALLY need the 1600 nap by that point.
  • 1230 – Food: Turkey and 2 bites of frozen mashed potatoes and a coke!
  • 1315 – (SSS 2.25) Feeling a little heaviness in my head… Turkey?
  • 1400 – (SSS 0.9) Energized again by the speaking and the running around. I’m a bit hyperactive, actually… talking too fast and running divergent thoughts together out loud.
  • 1500 – Food: a bag of M&Ms
  • 1600 – NAP: Definitely ready for my nap (SSS 2.5) … laid down on office with headphones playing Natelie Merchant. Couldn’t get into deep sleep, but had waking dreams… I had the back of my hand up over my face and I hallucinated that I was trying to connect my fingers with “electric strings” Probably actually dozed for 4 or 5 minutes… spent the rest of the time worrying about getting to sleep. Got up after only 30 minutes because I was bored.
  • 1830 – (SSS 3) Getting a little foggy… need some better food when I get home.. computer screen is not helping
  • 1900 – Food: Bag o’ crackers and a coke
  • 2050 – (SSS 3.4) Eyes are hurting… legs are hurting (from standing all day, I presume)

Yeah, I absolutely need to do better to eat more healthy food.

Updated: 2048


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