I will be attending the Weblogger Meetup in Austin, and it’s just ten days away…


For my blog, I want to have a look and feel of my own and matching giveaways (business cards, stickers, etc) at least 3 days before the event… which means I need to get a redesign done THIS WEEK.

Likely?  Probably not.

My main hiccup is that I have a really slick design in mind, but I was saving that for the whisper project (hmmmm.  Is this “The Project” that dave’s been alluding to? Yes and no, “whisper” will be a milestone for the long-term “Project” – Summer 2003 vs. my lifetime… details are on the way).

anyway, that design for the whisper web presence will match the whisper environment: gothic-lite- a sterile atmosphere marred with bio-machine amalgams… both hopeful and very disturbing.

That’s not really the image I want to use for a site about ME.  It would be nice to have something contrasting for here… something bright and cheerio.  Thing is, my mind’s not really working in that direction; my spare cycles are spinning on whisper.

Whatever… i guess I’ll just throw something together and let it be: probably opting for a minimalistic approach rather than intense illustrations, given my timeframe.

The other todo is an “about me” page.  It really, REALLY irritates me to find a new weblog and not find a bio of the author anywhere.  After reading an entry or two, that’s one of the first places I look.  I want to know what the author does for a living!  I want to know what their background is!

What irritates me even more is finding an “about me” page that is flippant and dismissive… “Oh I hate writing a bio page, so here are the last 3 cds I’ve listened to… and here is my favorite breakfast cereal… oh, and here are my top 100 favorite links.  anyone who wants to read a bio must be SOOOO shallow”


So I will do my guests a favor and tell them about me!