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Search Engines
1 min read

Search Engines

Just for kicks, here are the search queries people have used when stumbling across my site.  (ex. they typed “” in google and got my site as a response)

What’s sad is that I can give an explanation for each of them.

  2. snake headed fish
  3. david burke maryland snakehead
  4. bark scorpion exterminator
  5. dorothy the mole cute jpg
  6. 01010101010101 jpg
  7. caltech ed simmons
  8. kargher corporation hershey
  9. northern snake headed fish
  10. cannot find server sporadic
  11. snake headed fish in maryland
  13. art welding
  14. dentist stories
  15. web logging tools
  16. monkey telephone
  17. the snake headed fish in maryland
  18. engineer blog   1
  19. ed simmons caltech

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