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Robot Art
1 min read

Robot Art

I will make an earnest effort to submit one or two entries to artbots.

This will fall under my NYResolution: Show my Art.

The entry deadline is March 1, so I think I can bring some experiments to a stopping point by then.  Very good exposure, but I imagine the competition is going to be even more fierce than last year.  For example. The Robot Group members are aware of this and I imagine will be working on something for this.

On a side note, I don’t know if this is hush-hush or not, but there is a show on Comedy Central (Insomniac) that will be showcasing Austin late-night creatures (I would bet money that Leslie is on their to-do list).  They are going to be filming the Robot Group warehouse and poke fun at the crazies that play there in a week or two.  In an email exchange with their president on other things, I mentioned that I was working on robots and he said I should bring my machines down for the taping… I don’t think that would be a fair thing to do, since I haven’t really paid my dues (both figuratively and literally) with the group, but it’s really neat to see this group continue to be so active… eventually I intend to introduce my robot-building activities to the group (mostly because I would learn quite a bit hanging around those people).  However, I’m holding myself back to establish some geek-cred before I haul in my mechanisms.

that reminds me: I have to evolve the Meetup sign before Wednesday… maybe as simple as a boquet of LEDs.