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Remarkable Service

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

Here’s an example of a [url=]Seth Godin Purple Cow[/url]:

[url=][/url], the hosting service I use, is a remarkable hosting company:

A few reasons:

  1. 1. very low cost
  2. very high level of service (On the 6 times I had a question, I never had to wait longer than half an hour for an answer except once, when there was a system-wide issue, which was resolved within 24 hours)
  3. caters to geeks, but provides tools for the non-geek
  4. extraordinarily flexible (ex. doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for every subdomain or add-on domain… in fact doesn’t charge ANYTHING)

All this, despite having about 1200 customers and 3000 websites. How can they provide such personal service? I don’t know, but they’ve been earning a reputation… they also seem to be growing as it appears that they are adding new servers very frequently.

I just upgraded my account with them and Matt, who seems to always be around to help and who I’m beginning to suspect is a cyborg, took care of a technical support question and the upgrade on a live chat very early on a Sunday morning.

NOW is a GREAT time to switch servers or park a domain with them. They have an unbelievable sale going on: for $30 for THE YEAR, you can have 150MB of storage space, 5GB transfer per month, an unusually large set of [url=]features[/url], AND a free domain name registration for the first year.

Here is a link to [url=]sale information[/url].

They don’t have an affiliate program in place, so I’m not getting a kickback for thie endorsement, but it does earn David’s Seal of Approval. (and I thank [url=]Adam[/url] for cluing me in, in the first place).


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