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Relaunching for 2005

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

this will soon be populated by my new site…

<strike>the old stuff is here:</strike>

The old stuff will be migrated slowly… I’ll be keeping an eye on broken pointers so that I provide appropriate redirects.

I’m uploading the new design, now….


  • The basic framework for the new site launch is in place.
  • Contributed Modules installed
    • modules/excerpt
    • modules/flickr
    • modules/flickrmodule
    • modules/front
    • modules/spam
    • modules/summary
    • modules/taxonomy_context
    • modules/taxonomy_html
    • modules/taxonomy_otf
    • modules/trackback
    • modules/urlfilter
    • modules/weblink – fixed blogmark to remove popup and deal w/ missing ? on url
    • modules/week
  • Handle “Read More” better
  • Tweaked summary to be archive page
  • Migrated old nodes
  • Update and refine old nodes (from 380)
  • Fixed dates in archive

Drupal Contributions


  • Update and refine old nodes (from 370)
  • Migrate old content (comments)
  • Better Front Page
  • make sure font /style selection is correct across browsers
  • Writing/article section
  • Fix up odd table problem that breaks layout w/ comments
  • Tweak the metadata display on the side of posts
  • Better styling of sticky items
  • Custom front page w/ alternate sections (events, projects, etc)
  • Better theming on comments, etc
  • Main Manu / search bar
  • previous / next item (node browsing, week browsing)
  • hotstuff section
  • delicious links
  • Search Reindexing Bug
  • Modules I’d like to install
    • alphabetize
    • syndication
    • site menu/map
    • pathauto
    • interwiki
    • glossary
    • filestore2 / fscache
    • Atom
    • Article
    • Edit as New
    • captcha
    • Events module
  • flickr / integration
  • Is technorati / pinging working correctly?
  • Is trackback autodiscovery working correclty? Can we get feedback?
  • …lots more

Things I’d like to do

  • Intelligently handle incoming google searches
  • factor away “page not founds” for nid in tracker
  • better delicious-style input for tagging
  • update week.module to provide for listing by month/year
  • Highlight random blasts from past
  • Setup mo:Blog / xmlrpc to work correctly
  • Drastically improve loggging function
  • Better RSS feed controls
  • xml-rpc modifications (ex. post as story)
  • Create clientside of flash-based rich classification tool
  • How is a markdown filter going
  • Do a wiki for notes
  • integrate weblinks and
  • Create text file / subversion / node syncing

Modules to Add


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