I HIGHLY recommend Monster Garage on TLC… It might be even more interesting to me than Junkyard Wars because the team has 7 days to work on a big project, the participants are all experts and highly skilled, and the loose “contest” is more of a facade- these guys (and sometimes gals) are just wanting to build stuff.

I’ve also started to watch Dog Days (because I love puppies); it’s mostly interesting to see how awful some of these owners are (they spoil their dogs with birthday parties, they don’t discipline their dogs when they misbehave, and subscribe to weird activities – dog psychics? give me a break.)

And to round out the mix, Outdoor Life Network is going to be hosting a reality series in the spring where teams of atheletes compete in extreme sports (marathons in the desert, 100-mile mountain bike races, etc) where the winners get the “opportunity” to climb Mount Everest.