July 18th, 2002 • 1 min read #Journal #Meta

Shorter entries more frequently? Longer entries less frequently?


Thanks to Alex, I have something new to mull over.

Part of me says I should just write however I damn well please.

However, if it is too tedious to read my log, then I won't generate a readership.

As Alex put it, "Does changing your web log to get your readership up defeat the purpose of having something that's supposed to show the "real" you?"

I suppose I need to rexamine the goals for the weblog. In my first posts, I said that this was just an experiment on "how honest I could be in a public forum."

Does a few of my friends who will read whatever I write, regardless, a public forum make? Probably not really. To even run the experiment, then, I have to work towards upping the readership... Perhaps this is the validation I was talking about.

I don't know. What do I need to do to make this interesting to an outside audience?

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