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Pathogen image
1 min read

Pathogen image

I spent some time modifying Pathogen and got it to make this image.


Without getting too much into it, the particular situation visualized here would never happen in a real evolution in forum interactions.  Among many other things, it assumes that the 94 individuals in this simulation (can you count them?) are all talking to each other at precisely the same moment.  I also made each one 100% “influential” which means their ability to convince others of their ideas was perfect (hence the overall blue color).

There’s also one “ring of collaboration” which involves 3 individuals who all have approximately the same level of knowledge (some is same knowledge… some is different), are well balanced in their influence / charisma strengths, and are working around one particular idea… I fabricated those three individuals and forced them to talk to each other.

Anyway… I think it’s pretty at any rate.