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Open Source & Geek Cred

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

I just got back from an EFFA meeting about a series of open source events we’re going to throw… (stay tuned… the minutes I took will be shared freely, naturally).

On the way home, I began to realize that if going to continue injecting myself into the fringe society of the Austin tech community, I need badly to establish a little bit of geek cred.

I have all these various projects (technology, writing, or otherwise) that I have been working on and haven’t ever really “finished.” Well “finished” is a state of mind, I’ve come to realize… Therefore, I think it’s time to turn up the heat and start cranking out public, visible results to back up what I have been claiming to have been doing for a while now.

That fits nicely with the open source development mentality – roughly, “release early, often, and collect and integrate feedback openly.”

Plus, if I release a few highly-visible gems here and there, then I can establish for myself some credibility from which I’ll be able to more effectively publish manifestos as a Board Member of EFFA… muahahah.

So expect a lot of activity (particularly between now and SXSW) as I push this self-marketing effort into a higher gear.


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