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August 26th, 2002 • 1 min read #Journal

So I have quite a few things on my plate right now, but tomorrow I'm going to give a proposal to Rip about technology-assisted knowledge and ideas management in our organization.

Essentially, it will be a rollout plan for Tock. One of my ulterior motives for taking this job is that it gives me the freedom to use this place as a laboratory for my ideas and innovations in the area of art + technology + communication. My dream is that our organization could provide a model or best practice for sharing ideas (i.e. generate whitepapers, productize Tock, etc)

Tomorrow, I'll show off some Tock screenshots and walk through one or two of my favorite user scenarios.

I have written for Tock, incidentally, a few VB modules for Office XP that will allow a person to publish their document to the ideas management system with a single button push... cool stuff. I'm experimenting with adding a new menu item "Save & Publish" which will integrate publishing a document into the work process of saving a document.

Given the technology constraints in-house, I'll need to think very carefully about incremental advances, though...

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