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My Purse
1 min read

My Purse

So the bold thing I did today was put aside my self-consciousness, go out in public on errands and to a meeting, and vamp with my new bag.

I like it.  It’s just the right size.  Right now, it’s carrying my sketch book, a pen/pencil/highlighter trio for sketches and notes, some pocket change, my cell phone, my keys (with a nifty, detachable clip-bob to attach to the key chain), a stack of my business cards, my camera*, my lined “serious” hardback notebook, a thick 3-ring binder of my ideas, my iPaq leather case (and iPaq, naturally), my iPod and a set of headphones, and a book on Laurie Anderson that I found at the library today.

There’s still room for things like “toothbrush” and “post-it notes.”

I’m not sure if there would be room for a laptop… That’s ok, since I don’t have a laptop and that doesn’t factor into this year’s spending.

I’m still needing to get used to zipping up all the zippers in the right order, and it’s not at all convenient to dig into (but it does have a small, accessable pouch up front).  There’s a cell phone container on the side (which, to me, looks a little too easy a target for pickpockets.)  There is a big flap that flops over the whole affair and locks on with two clips.  It’s a relatively manly Army “olive” and green.

The big/main compartment is just a big pocket, so there’s not really any way to organize stuff that goes in there… that might help me not carry around as much stuff, actually.

*Another New Year’s Resolution: Take more pictures.