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My "Do Nothing" Vacation

David Nunez
David Nunez
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Here is a sign that I have a mental disease: I kept telling people "I intend to spend my Christmas vacation doing absolutely nothing" and then the FRIDAY night after I left work for a lengthy 2 week "vacation" I made a very long list all the projects I intend to complete now that "I have more time."

Prentiss called me on it at the 2-person meetup last Wednesday… i can’t just relax, I guess… but these projects are so orthogonal and somewhat relaxing that I am very much looking forward to being busy all vacation.

I’m having my own little Trading Spaces, Clean Sweep, While you Were Out project going on right now with my home office.?Ǭ? It’s all filled with little DIY projects.

I spent yesterday afternoon painting the room a nice, bright dot-com green.?Ǭ? It looks slick with the white, wooden blinds and moulding.

I’m still playing with Room Arranger to figure out the best, most ergonomic arrangement of furniture (I’ve been saving up all year for this… I have a very decent sized budget to invest in some new toys… not skimping on this one… which makes sense since I spend so much time in there).

Mike and Alex goofed on me when I said that the single worst problem with my old arrangement was that I couldn’t use my computer and watch the TV at the same time… Because working and TV go hand-in-hand, naturally.

Over lunch, Saturday, DonT and I talked about how fascinating people’s use of workspace can be…

So I’ve been taking pictures of my room remake, and I’ll blog the experience.

We also talked about how fun it is for geeks like us to find little ways to perform code optimization in our lives (ex. get the coffee brewing first, go boot up the computer next)…?Ǭ? would be a good mini-blog topic…



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