My Tivo seems to be sick.

I added the Turbonet mod to it so that it would use ethernet rather than telephone to update its guide data.

This was necessary because the modem crapped up and refused to dial.

It’s just linux in the inside, so it’s not all that difficult for people to hack.

Nevertheless, when I plugged in my Tivo things are seeming to go haywire.

since he’s been disconnected for the last couple of weeks, he needed to call his home base to download up-to-date guide data.  That seemed, on the surface, to go ok… Now my Tivo has data up until aug 23.  However, when I try to do a search for a particular title (ex. road rules), then it says “There is no show named ‘Road Rules’ coming up.”

Well, we know THAT’s not true.  This is MTV we’re talking about!  There should at least be 10,000 episodes of Road Rules between now and Aug 23.

So, it seems that there needs to be some indexing step to get the new shows in the searches.

I think it’s wise for me to just let it sit overnight.  Sometimes Tivo does some weird things on its own while its least likely to be used…

Tomorrow morning, it could all be “fixed.”