Meetup Wrapup

August 21st, 2002 • 2 min read #Journal #Meta

Well, of course I had to run back here and post an entry about meetup.

Met some interesting folks- Japanese to English translators (but NOT the other way around, for goodness sakes), A fire-twirling-Mobile-Home-dwelling-ultra-environmentalist, a webmaster for Texas Legislators (if you think THEY are demanding, you haven't met their assistants!) who might work with my organization, a woman working with the police force directing their efforts to reduce traffic fatalities including wild sting operations on certain highways involving helicopters and many cop cars tomorrow morning... I'll be nowhwere near there, rest assured, and one gentleman who left before I had the pleasure of figuring out what he did (although he did promise to email the contact info to all the group).

Ok, so I was late because I got lost and found myself next to the Chuy's by Zilker Park (where traffic was a disaster). I'm comforted to know that instinct will always point me to Chuy's.

When I got there, I wandered around a bit for 10 minutes because I couldn't tell where the group was... just two tables with 4-5 people each. I ordered up a Lemonade with a squirt of Cherry syrup and made the rounds again. I overheard a conversation about Zines and I knew I had found the meetup group.

We moved outside and then as I was sitting, I was hit with a one-two punch of questions I couldn't answer.

What's your Blog?

Well, what, exactly do you mean? I just told them the address.

What is it about?

My answer, I'm sorry to say, was "Well it's about me..." For crying out loud, WHAT ELSE WOULD IT BE ABOUT, DAVID?

I fell back to plan B and started to describe what I did for a living.

All in all, I was disappointed that the turnout wasn't as big as it could have been, but I AM glad to have met the folks there. We had fun talking about nerdy web logging tools and RSS feeds and RDF feeds and information overload. We talked at length about SPAM, Telemarketers, Junk Mail, and Junk Faxes.

It was fun. I'd do it again.

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