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Looking for cool personal workspaces in Austin

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

Do you work from home or have 100% control over your work environment / setup? I'm looking for people in the Austin / San Antonio area that have put some thought into their home office, studio, workshop, kitchen, meditation space, etc.

I'm preparing to launch a site that focuses on how people aesthetically and functionally set up their work and thinking spaces. I'm arranging a series of interviews and case studies of individual productivity-spaces.

It doesn't have to be computer / knowledge work (in fact, I'm esepecially intersted in the non-computer-geek setups (ex. the workshop you built so you can restore antique furniture))... It also doesn't have to be particularly expensive, pretentious or something I might see in an interior design magazine... just want to learn how a diverse group of people, given the choice, will set up their environments in hopes of being prolific or successful or just comfortable.

If you are interested in participating in this project (i.e. have a space or know of someone who might want to be interviewed), please let me know by sending me an email ( with a quick 1 or 2 sentence "I do _____ from home and here's how to contact me." If you have snapshots or a website where I might see a little more of your space, all the better (small attachments are great!).

Please help! I'm wanting to build up a healthy queue to keep me busy over the next quarter or two. Thanks!


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