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June, already?

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

I feel comfortable enough with the web fiascos to continue blogging away. Essentially, the couple of weeks off was due to my consolidating servers on a new server… now:

should all point to the exact same place (or will, hopefully, soon (DNS propagation is slow and unpredicable, I’ve learned)). Thanks go to Adam for suggesting as a hosting provider… DIRT CHEAP and very, very flexible… should allow for some more interesting experimentation.

I know it’s probably arrogant and obnoxious to write about how busy I am (I guess being a narcisist is the bane of web writing for anyone, anyway), but, the next week or two are filled with an enormity of activity and an unusual level of Events… “Events” I can take once in a while (they cause all-nighters, etc), but this is almost ridiculous.

School ended for most districts around central texas. Despite this, I still find myself struggling to keep up with the work work. Next Monday-Tuesday, I’m helping to organize a workshop for 11 or so Computer Science and Multimedia teachers. They will be learning about video games development. It’s an exciting opportunity for them and we’ve got a group of smart people working out the content. However, we’ve a TON of stuff to pull together. Looks like I’ll be working this weekend.

Next Wednesday morning, I’ve arranged a panel of speakers to talk to some new IT teachers teaching a HS Freshmen Intro to IT survey course. I need to monitor that engagement.

At lunchtime, I’ll work my way up to Dallas (looks like I’ll be driving… unless SWA can work a miracle in the pricing). I’ll be with Erick at the Peter Gabriel concert up in Dallas (hopefully with a nice-slab-o-steak dinner beforehand… as is our tradition).

Next Thursday-Friday, I will then travel to San Antonio to be at Usenix manning the EFF-A booth. I’ve volunteered to coordinate that road show, but my “coordination” hasn’t been that proactive. I think I have enough Stuff (I even managed to score one of those fancy-shmancy backdrops (with lighting, and everything))… I just need volunteers.

I’ve double booked myself those two days, however… There is a Tech Prep conference on Thursday of which some of the folks from the IT cluster will participate in a panel. Their panel is in the afternoon, so my half-baked proposal is to drive down to SA in the morning on Thursday, set up the booth with a volunteer, and then head back to Austin for the conference. On Friday, I’m supposed to be on a couple of site tours with some teachers… but I think I’ll skip out on that to be back at Usenix.

Finally, the following week (wed-tue), I will be in Omaha for our annual reunion.



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