My blog is messed up.  I’m guessing at this point that it has to do with my service provider, and I’m sorry to say they don’t have a very good administration interface for me to do debugging.  So, I’m in the process of switching providers.  This might mean an interruption of regularly scheduled programming while I migrate the blogs.

I can post, obviously, but don’t expect the category or month archives to be working.

Also, a teaser: I took copious notes (and even took pictures) during the Blog Meetup, and will be transcribing them here. (but don’t expect them until tomorrow afternoon, please).

The pictures are very sad.  We’re really not as geeky as we look, I promise…

Well, actually, we probably are… The pictures, in my estimation, are an advertisement for AVOIDING meetups… particularly if you are female (which was a topic that came up considering there were no women present although we all know several women that blog).

You can read about this and all the other topics (including a fascinating comparison of emms, x-height, and pixels… sigh) in an upcoming blog entry.

Now I’m going to waddle over to my Mountain Dew Can pyramid, mutter Simpsons and Monty Python catchphrases, draft unnecessarily angry and vindictive diatribes on which distribution of Linux will run best on a coffee machine, roll for spell protection, fear sports and loathe people that play them, build literally accurate LEGO recreations of the Battle for Helms Deep, not care how many times I bathed in the past week or how many times I’ve worn this black, FreeBSD t-shirt, sign petitions to revive Farscape, grow plumper and rounder by the minute, pray for Slashdot Karma, spend three hours dealing with that one piece of SPAM that slipped through my Beowulf cluster of procmail and SpamAssassin boxes rather than spend one-fourth of a second pressing delete (because, after all, I must make sure that this Spammer is given the death penalty after I complain to their ISP), and, after all that, cry myself to sleep.

sigh Why didn’t I make better choices when growing up?