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Ok, i’m listed in GeoURL.  I need to go outside with my GPS unit, because the coordinates are definitely about half a mile off (because I live in a new subdivision that doesn’t appear in places like MapBlast, et al.

Here’s a little link: check out my neighbors in meatspace (missing url)

Now I need to play around with some geo-experiments. has been doing this for at least a year or two or three… maybe there is some way to draw a line between the two.

This weekend is going to be rainy… It’d be a great time to spend some time feeding and nurturing the blog.  For one thing, I have to think carefully about my badge strategy.  I have no problem putting MT on the bottom of every page here, because without that software, this site probably wouldn’t exist.  However, I’m not a big fan of the blog cliche of putting on the front page a thousand links to 100 OTHER blogs, categories, day-timer planner, every movie I’ve ever seen, every photo album I have, etc etc.  All that noise gives me headaches.  I already think my row of esoteric links up top is a bit much.

At the same time, I need to update my links with more people I’ve met through blogging, etc.  Also, I’m excited for Adam, because he designed the GeoURL badge and he’s one of the good ones (i.e. an Austinite),  and I want to show all due support.