First week observations

July 15th, 2002 • 1 min read #Journal #Meta

It's been a week since I started my web log experiment. Here are some observations:

  • I've noticed that I am fairly obsessed with checking the access logs to see if anyone is listening.
  • It still takes a little time and effort to make an interesting entry that includes pictures and things (like the scorpian entry), but all-in-all, it's pretty easy.
  • I haven't run out of topics to write about, yet. In fact, I have a list in a note in Outlook with ideas for me to write about. I think I have enough ideas to last for a year! Now, whether or not those will actually be interesting is an entirely other story.
  • Right now, my audience is pretty small (just a few close friends from Rice and one from High School), so after a little bit of time (probably as much time as it takes me to redesign the site... probably after I move and establish a new IP address), I'll widen the scope to my broader list of friends and family.
  • I'm not sure whether I should write things about the people I know... I question if that's a violation of their privacy.
  • I need to figure out a way to increase feedback (hint, hint)... Except for a "way to get things started!" email, nobody responds to my writing the same way they would if it showed up in their inbox! Movable Type has a feature that allows me to send out emails whenever I update the page... but I think getting dozens of emails from me would make me seem like noise.
  • I HAVE enabled comments on some entries. It could be the lack of experience my friends and I have with web logs that precludes us from using the comment system. It also could be that I haven't yet written anything that inspires conversation. Maybe my friends have busy lives and simply don't have the time to respond.


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