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David Nunez
David Nunez
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Whoops, silly me. How could I forget that Tock requires… ohhhh, let’s see… A DATABASE to run?

Well so much for doing a cool demo for Rip and Carissa. Too bad.

At least I have screenshots.

For your amusement, I’ll share the content of one of my slides titled “David’s Philosophy”

Currently available technology focuses on:

  • generation of new explicit knowledge
  • Organizing and finding knowledge in the system

Knowledge is all fine and good; it’s necessary fodder for our work.

I’m more interested in what happens AFTER we’ve collected and organized knowledge- How can we innovate using this tool?

I prefer to call all this “Ideas Management”

  • The Repository is a springboard for innovation – a collection of ideas that we can synthesize and learn from to solve problems
  • A well-organized and comprehensive repository of knowledge will allow us to recognize patterns.
  • My focus is on using and sharing information rather than just storing and organizing.
  • Major emphasis on communication and community

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Dir of Technology at the MIT Museum • Writing about emerging tech's impact on your life • Speculative insights on the intersection of humanity and technology 🤖


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