Cleanup Day

September 20th, 2002 • 1 min read

Yea. Friday. After a few days of rain, It's an absolutely gorgeous day outside, and here I am stuck in the office... I had a great meeting this morning, and I have another meeting scheduled for 2:00. After that, I think I'll go home and go for a run or a hike or something to kick off the weekend. Between now and then, I'll jam through my inboxes and do my weekly review (the step in my time management system that checks my tickler file, sees if there are loose ends, etc).

What a trivial entry this is.

So Let's add some interest:

A New York Robot Talent Show - Not qute the kind of Robot Show I had in mind, but definitely a step in the right direction Institute for Applied Autonomy - art machines that communicate messages.

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