I’m still at work. My 2:00 went for 2.5 hours.  It was another great, energizing meeting, though.  I never did get around to my weekly review…

Sadly, I will be dragging home my computer for the weekend to do some work.  That’s ok, though, extra effort pays off in dividends here (which is a dangerous thing, lemme tell ya).

Speaking of plans, I showed my Approximation sketches to my welding instructor.

My original thought would be that the rock would hang from four chains and the “bird” would have multiple tenticles that bore into the surfaces.  Instead, now the sculpture’s form is an analogy: two cones made up of twisted metal rods and wire that will be intertwined and almost writhing; at the tips of the cones (which are arranged like an hourglass- hence suggesting time) will rest the rock and the “bird.”

She like the idea, and together we modified it in some interesting ways… she suggested a black, highly polished wooden base on the top and bottom with black marble spheres making little hourglass feet at the posts.  She thought that the mass of twisted metal would balance well with the smooth, elegant wood.

It will probably be only a foot – 1.5 feet in diameter and maybe 2-3 feet tall.