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austinbloggers Geek Out by Chip

David Nunez
David Nunez
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[url=]Chip[/url] presented the [url=] website[/url] during Justin Hall’s Geek Out during SxSW in front of several of the blog-world A-listers (including the Trotts, the Movable Type & Trackback people – Trackback is a technology which drove the development site).

He did a great job and people asked some really impressive questions (how are we publicizing this? How are we making sure there is a representative sampling of Austinites? How are we defining categories (organically, of course! Doesn’t make sense to impose unnatural categories. [url=]Mena Trott[/url] turned her head, smiled, and nodded at Chip’s answer)? How are we dealing with so much noise (We’re not worried, yet… eventually we’ll have membership and holding/staging areas for new, untested posters, but for now, overwhelming amounts of content is a problem we’d like to have.

Chip also made the point that we’re, right now, reducing as many barriers to entry as possible (even non-Movable Type users are able to post to our site… no membership necessary, etc)

Here’s a picture… in the audience, you see [url=]Anil[/url], [url=]Mena[/url], and a sliver of [url=]Ben[/url].



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