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Austinbloggers events in the next few days

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

Here are some free or almost free things brewing for href=””>austinbloggers. Please publicize on your blogs, to your email buddies, etc. etc:

  • You can visit [url=][/url] to find a link to a free pass to the tradeshow floor if you aren’t registered for the conference.

  • Austinbloggers has partnered with EFF-Austin to share some of their table space at the South by Southwest tradeshow. Please volunteer to help man the booth… The tradeshow runs from Sunday-Tuesday and we can use an hour or two of your time… particularly to help with the book signings (see below). People interested in volunteering should send an email to me or Jon Lebkowsky (Jon Lebkowsky [].

  • MAJOR NEWS! The Austinbloggers will be hosting a book signing by Rebecca Blood (, author of “The Weblog Handbook” this Sunday, March 9 at 4:00PM at the EFF-Austin/austinbloggers booth at the SxSWi Tradeshow. (Austin Convention Center)

  • Cory Doctrow, blogger of national noteriety ( and
    [url=][/url] will be signing his book, “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” on Monday, March 10 @ 4:30 PM at the EFF-Austin/austinbloggers booth at the SxSWi Tradeshow (Austin Convention Center)

  • In lieu of the austinbloggers off-week social meetup, please join the Dallas/FW Bloggers and Houston-based HTown Bloggers. 8:30 p.m., La Zona Rosa (612 W. 4th St), [url=][/url]

Anything I’m missing?

Be sure to say “hi” to your fellow austinbloggers when you come by these events!


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