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April 2004 Relaunch of

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

NOTE: The current site design is NOT mine. It is one of the default themes that comes with Drupal. It's called "chameleon" and is using the "pure" stylesheet.


I want to take this webspace to a new level of interactivity and experimentation. Drupal has made monumental leaps in functionality, usability, and customizability since I first installed it last year. This is a "clean sweep" opportunity to reinvigorate my use of this space.

Things done to default installation:

Used CVS CHECKOUT Tree April 25, 2004 09:30AM

Configuration Files
  • .htaccess
    • comment out Options (symbolic links)
    • set Rewritebase to "/blog"
  • php.ini
    session.save_handler = user;
    session.cache_limiter = none;

Add-in Modules


  • To-Do's
    • New Theme
    • Fix old broken links from pMachine and others
    • Feeds
    • rss 2.0 (currently forwarding to .92)
    • Anonymous Comments Hack to-do's
  • Nagging Items
    • Why is "Blog Administration" the last used category the default blog topic?
    • Why doesn't "moderate" go away on comments
    • Why doesn't "post comment" redirect to fully displayed node + comments
    • Why do nicelinks sometimes disable themselves after viewing
    • Why isn't nicelinks playing with glossary as advertised
  • Someday
    • Patch archive to do by month / year listings
    • Diffs/Modified Changes Module development
    • Complete to-do's for Anonymous Comments Hack
    • Complete to-do's for Feed Full Text Hack
    • modify Atom module to be more compliant, more useful; full-text
    • Create patch to allow Filters applied to blocks
    • Fix Glossary links in RSS Feeds
    • Add Shamu & Subscription & emailpage

Modified: May 30, 2004

See also: Previous Relaunch (conversion from pMachine to drupal in Nov 2004)


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Dir of Technology at the MIT Museum • Writing about emerging tech's impact on your life • Speculative insights on the intersection of humanity and technology 🤖


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