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Am I Becoming a Spammer?
1 min read

Am I Becoming a Spammer?

I think I’m walking a fine line between the good and evil sides of mass email.

The last couple of weeks, in particular, I sent out quite a few mass emails to contacts, some more "casual" than others.  These were of the "HEY! I’ve got something cool going on you might be interested in" type.  In almost all cases, I would definitely say that the messages were "audience appropriate."

As I’m building my mailing list, I question how readily I’m starting to become a spammer.  I’ve only had one request to "take me off your mailing list" and I readily complied.

I put unsubscribe info and my personal contact info at the bottom of each of these emails.  This removes a couple of the typical SPAM characterizing features, right?

I realized last week that my lists have grown beyond unweildy and I need to put them into some list management software (probably mailman).

I dunno.  I’m getting ready to put my new SxSW contacts on my mailing lists.  At the very least, I need to make the lists more granular (ex. Austin vs. non-Austin).  I’ll review the lists and see if there are people I should consider culling.

That being said, if you missed my many pieces of email last week about SxSW stuff and you want on my very-low-traffic announcement list (over 600 members-strong!) please send me an email (

Incidentally, if I missed you on my lists last week, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you… it just means I didn’t think you’d be around for SxSW and didn’t want to bother you with trivial matters. 🙂