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David Nunez
David Nunez
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Here’s something I would rather not see in my inbox:

Update: Mold Remediation

We wanted to let staff know that there are no health hazards present outside the containment. The negative air machines are equipped with heap filters that constantly clean the air inside the containment, with the filters being changed frequently. The negative pressure that is created inside the room by the air machines insures that any potential hazards are confined to that containment area. When the remediation crew begins removing the walls during the remediation process, that activity disturbs the spores and causes them to be air borne. This is why the area is double contained and the negative air used during the remediation process to contain the potential hazards to that area. The remediation workers wear appropriate personal protective equipment inside the containment during the removal process. The mold remediation contractor strictly adheres to the established EPA guidelines for remediation.

uhhhh… what? Is this a terrorist attack? Should I be wearing gas masks to work?

Thank goodness I don’t have plant allergies (mold, trees, etc). I think I may be allergic to certain kinds of cats (some flavors make me sneeze and my eyes water uncontrolably… others not)

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