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What's the big deal?

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

I don’t understand all the nuances and concerns about toll roads and public transportation and railways in Austin.

I intend to learn.

When I find sites or individuals devoted to addressing these issues, they all seem rabidly angry and biased (to say the least).

I’ve had quite a bit of trouble finding what I trust to be objective resources (either it’s the sites of people that seem ready to commit ecoterrorism to stop commuter rail, or it’s the fluffy, sanitized sites of organizations building these things… both are overwhelming to the newbie in the debate).

Of course, once I dive deeper, I’m sure I’ll have some opinions, but we’re not there yet.

Therefore, as I try to sort through the muck, I’ll see if I can help others in my situation who mostly just care about getting around town easily, cheaply, and with less headache…

A paltry list of links that will most definitely grow and evolve over time:

to-do: Relaunch a wiki for this kind of collection


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