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Uberman Day 3

David Nunez
David Nunez
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ugh. So I guess last counts as a slip? in all fairness, yesterday was an exhausting day! Lessons learned: SLEEP during the day. It’s important. Today, i’ll just get back on schedule… maybe go to 3 naps (1200, 1600, 2000).

  • 2230 – (SSS – 4) Had to get into bed at 2230 last night… Watched TV
  • 2330 – (SSS – 6) Bye, bye!
  • 0400 – Blew it… I woke up before the alarm rang, got up, and turned it off… added time to the egg timer
  • 0600 – Woke up again… Lay in bed until 0615.
  • 1100 – (SSS – 2) Doing well. Getting stuff done… driving around… (in the fog)
  • 1300 – Food: Whataburger Combo #5, plain and dry, Whatasized w/ a coke (yeah, now it’s just getting ridiculous)
  • 1500 – (SSS – 3) Feeling ok, but am ready for the nap.
  • 1600 – NAP: SSS-3.5 before nap… managed to sleep for about 60 min. Got up and feeling the sleep inertia a bit… (SSS – 2). I’m going to have 2 cups of coffee now. Have a meeting at 1800.
  • 1830 -Food: Ham sandwich and coke from Jason’s Deli (meeting food… always a nice bonus) (SSS – 1) Wide awake and alert for the meeting.
  • 2300 – (SSS – 2) A little achey and sore. Eyes feeling a little dry… Will probably get into bed soon for a little wind-down tv.

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