Couldn’t nap at all today because of the “special event” of a staff retreat.  Today was also very, very poor in terms of food.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve fallen off the schedule (probably did so a some days ago).

I’m not frustrated or bored with it, yet.  I reread some of the more positive accounts of people trying this, and it’s helping motivate me.

0000-0005 Nap: Good sleep, actually
0000-0630 Food: (SSS-1.5) 2 cups coffee
0830 Food: Breakfast Taco, OJ, 1 cup coffee
1030 Food: Coke
1200 Food: Catfish, tostadas and queso, cokes, Brownie, Ice Cream (From Hoover’s!  YUM!!! But ohhhh I did I gorge…)
1400-1730 Food: various snacks (cokes, chips, etc)
2000 Food: Chicken, Tostadas/Salsa