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Uberman Day 1

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

Had to force myself to stay awake last night until midnight… watched tv and tried to read at the same time… I couldn’t concentrate on the Linux book.

I fell right asleep, but woke up only 20 minutes later because my hands were all twisted and bent in weird directions.

I half-woke up at 0500 because my parents were making a ruckus as they were leaving. They said bye the night before, so I didn’t need to get out of bed.

At 0600, my alarm clock rang… I got up and turned it off in a sleepwalk daze.

a few minutes later, the egg timer started beeping. I then remembered my experiment and turned on the lights in my room and my office.

I lay still for a moment. The room was cold, so I wasn’t in any hurry to jump out of bed. In fact, I turned off the light (it was hurting my eyes after all) and dozed off again. I woke up, on my own, at 0630. I felt pretty good at that point, turned on the light and rolled out of bed.

Don’t remember exactly my dreams, but I seem to remember having to do something for my residential college at Rice. I’ll keep a little notebook by me just in case I have some lucid or working dreams. Also would be handy to quickly jot energy levels, food, etc… not to mention good ideas!

I spent the next hour bundled in my blanket in front of the computer browsing various chess sites (getting good at chess again is one of my goals for my spare time… so doesn’t hurt to get in the habit of suffering for a reason) I learned what it takes to get a ranking. Then I gave myself a cold slap of reality by trying some chess puzzles: “here is a board in play… if you were playing White, what would your next moves be to mate?”

I have a lot to learn and read and practice.

I actually didn’t really feel tired after only 6 hours of sleep. I took a long shower and fixed myself 3 cups of coffee before going back to the computer to do various Quicken things.

Day Notes:
0700 – (SSS-4.0) Tired, waking-up
1000 – Food: 3 cups coffee, 1 spoon sugar
1300 – Food: had some cheese soup and brocolli for lunch along with some terrible (bleah!) jalapeno poppers I tried to make (inspired by the food we had last Friday night), some chips and salsa my brother made, and a coke.
1425 – (SSS-2.5) Pretty good so far… Could see falling asleep at 1600…
1600 – NAP (35/80 min) – Fell asleep listening to Adiemus on my iPod
1635 – Woke up – felt pretty rested (SSS 2). Laid in bed for 15 minutes
1830 – Food: Bag of crackers and a coke
2006 – (SSS-2.75) – Starting to feel worn down… watched tv for past hour… have two tasks to complete before going to bed in 4 hours
2330 – (SSS-2.5) – I actually felt a second wind after I started working on my blog site (to add categories).. I was probably at SSS 2.0 at some point during my work. I can definitely see myself falling asleep quickly at 0000.


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