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David Nunez
David Nunez
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I moved these comments off my contact page for cleanliness sake.

There are other david nunez’s out there. If I’m not the one you are looking for, I wish you luck in finding the right clone!

"I am the real David Nunez" Posted By: THE REAL DAVID NUNEZ on Wed, 03/31/2004 – 14:47
So, I was joking around one day with a friend of mine and said hey we
should be dumbasses and see if we have our own website. So we tried his
name and nothing came up then we tried my name (which happens to be
David Nunez) then this site came up. Needless to say I soiled myself
upon affirming the existence of this website. It turns out the website
is not some sort of fansite of mine, because so many people love me of
course, but is in fact a website about some guy in texas who is named
like my name. So anyway I would just like to say hi to David Nunez,
from David Nunez. By the way I live in colorado, the home state of the
real David Nunez!
"I AM REALLY THE DAVID NUNEZ!!!!!!!" Posted By: The Third David Nunez on Wed, 03/31/2004 - 14:59
So there are three of us now eh? Thats weird because i thought i was
the only one. It was a pain I knew oh so well. So this is what its like
when doves cry!
Every night I would sit and stare at the bright moon wondering if there
was someone who i could relate to. Another David Nunez. You can imagine
the feeling I had when i discovered that there was not only one, but
two David Nunez’s!!! I have to go or I’m going to cry.
David Nunez III

David Nunez Twitter

Dir of Technology at the MIT Museum • Writing about emerging tech's impact on your life • Speculative insights on the intersection of humanity and technology 🤖


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