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Tessera: Character description: Iloei & Composer

David Nunez
David Nunez
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I’m currently in the market for a music composer to do a 70 minute score for Tessera. Style="tribal/ethnic fusion electronica" for live musicians.

This is a paid commission.

Please send a bio and sample .mp3 (under .5 MB for now. We’ll ask for additional samples as needed) to…

The following isn’t going to make sense. Promptly ignore it…

This was a quick description for a character in Tessera, the performance currently under development by Iogeo. I sent this via email to the "Visual Director/Designer/Creator/Artist" currently working with me on the show. It only took him a couple of hours for him to send back some sketches that absolutely nailed what was going on in my head.. It’s going to be a great collaboration.

In general, the characters (some robot, some live, some cyborg) are taking shape. It’s great to get all this stuff out of my head and actually have smarter, more talented people help me refine these ideas.

Iloei embodies empathy and compassion. She knows that she is a very small cog in a large machine, but she is content with the idea that she will do her fair share of work and will help those around her find joy and hope.

She is slightly overoptimistic and too trusting. This causes her to be disappointed easily by the rampant cynicism and hopelessness of the world of Tessera. For example, when she was younger, a Glyph stole her ability to speak and sing. The imp convinced her that he would use her voice to coax the AVA into creating more Dream Accelerators. Of course, as soon as she handed it over, the Glyph flew away with the stolen treasure, never to return…

She spent decades in isolation, haunted by the Glyphs deception, angry at the world, and staring at her clock, counting, in binary, the seconds as they ticked by. She refused to have dreams, lest they be destroyed. However, she saw something (which she holds dear as her deepest secret) that caused a spark of creativity to emerge.

Eventually, she started to learn how to build machines that translated her hopes and dreams into patches of light (since she would never be able to sing them again).

Iloei relearned to engage with others through the simple act of giving. She carries floating balloons that are filled with the light of her hopes; they flicker, like a candle, and she gives them away as peace offerings and as examples… She puts on a bright face, but she is actually very sad and far from recovered. Every time she gives away one of her dreams, she’s relinquishing a little more of her own hope; she’s slowly giving up on the idea that she’ll get her voice back. That’s her relentless irony.

She has medium-length blue hair and a harlequin white face with bold swatches of blue skin (maybe a simple blue band at eye level). She definitely looks youthful, but she has an underlying weariness from the burdens she carries.

Iloei dresses all in white and has a few small cyber-organic devices attached to her body.


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