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The Microblog contains status updates, asides, and links I'd like to share. It represents passing thoughts or quick ideas I might not have developed into a full blog post. This includes writing I may have posted elsewhere (like Twitter).

Requiem for Rhinos - behind the scenes video

Staging the next thing

Moving onto the next thing.

Staging the next thing

double edged sword

I giggled out loud, had a brief moment of “Wow, I can’t believe this is what I get to do for a living right now,” and then came crashing down when I realized that it’s 330AM.

Prep time for weird, large art

I just heard that the life-sized mousetrap takes 125 man-hours to assemble. It looks great! I can’t wait to see it work. Wow.

Iggy Loves his Bio-Mist

This is my iguana (about 10″ Snout to Vent, so about 2 years old) after he was spritzed with Bio-Mist, an aloe vera and cactus juice concoction that helps his skin. He’s molting now, so this is a look of pure joy. Sometimes I wish I was an iguana.

Iggy Loves his Bio-Mist

Loft Bed

I’m building the Readymade Issue #1 Meat Cart Bed. The dimensions listed in the magazine are both incomplete and inappropriate for what I need, so I’m posting my adjusted sketch here.

So yeah, I own a hybrid

I bought a toyota prius a couple weekends ago. I was stunned and secretly giddy to see all those hybrid commercials during the Super Bowl. I’m getting around 42 miles per gallon in the city. Not shabby. Not earth-saving, either. The only true hybrid: (Gas + Electric) + V(Leg Power)

The Top Ten Hybrid Myths

The Top Ten Hybrid Myths mmm-hmmmm

Slippery Slope

Here you go: link

Seen at Blue Genie

Saw this at Blue Genie on the east austin studio tour This guy is about 2-3 feet tall and made out of foamy stuff.

Seen at Blue Genie