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Wrapping things up.

I gave myself pretty much the entire month of November to wrap things up at CATF. Boy, did that go by fast. I’m staring at the list of stuff that I’d still like to get done and I’m realizing I’d be lucky to get to a

Moving On

I’m finally free to talk in public a little bit more about what’s been going on in davidland in the past month or so. The management team at CATF asked me to refrain from speaking about this until they had a chance to call a few people; I

OS'ing SpeakerMatch

Steve and I discussed our SpeakerMatch application. We’ve decided that it would make for an interesting experiment to Open Source the project so that we can involve students and teachers more in its development. From my perspective, i want to learn a lot more, first hand, about running (or

Conversation Tonight with Schools and Geeks

I went to a meeting at 6:00 about the RRISD IT Academy (I’m on their business advisory team). Afterwards, I spoke at length with some fascinating geeks.The educators talked at length about how students taking the innovative Intro to IT Course (which surveys everything from how to

Today's Jam Session

I just had a 5-hour long jam session with Lori, Carissa, and Patsy on Charters vs. Business Plans vs. Work Plans as related to Industry Clusters for Workforce Development. Wait... it wasn't as bad as it sounds, and I can honestly say I felt engaged in the conversation the entire