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synonyms for creativity framework

David Nunez
David Nunez
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Your creative ideas and projects will evolve and devolve among various states. The broad description of how ideas turn into reusable results is what I’m calling my “creativity framework.”

  • Live = observe = collect facts = actively experience = holistic
  • Wonder = ask = probe = question = hypothesize
  • Tinker = Learn = Research = Play = Prototype = draft = sketch = read = web surf = notetake = test
  • Build = version = stopping point = iteration = results = graphs = report = deliverable = portfolio piece = value-add = evidence = truths = product = “.” = wrap-up = summary = reusable = result

To be considered prolific, you must iterate through many of these steps with lots of different projects, but normally the scorekeepers will notice those items you actually evolve into the build stage.

It is our moral and cognitive responsibility to share our progress throughout these steps as our ideas only have life in the real world, outside of our heads.

It is VERY difficult to move from wonder to tinker and even more difficult to move from tinker to build. We are reluctant to share anything that is not built. The most prolific and successful creatives know how to rapidly push through ideas into the build stage and know how to effectively share their progress while highlighting and marketing the built projects.

This means we must give each stage its proper respect, but must prod ourselves towards building as quickly as possible.

and of course:



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